WTF is a Hashtag?

I’m really not that old or technologically ignorant. I do kind of know what a hashtag is, although, I’m really struggling with the actual point of it. It’s awful for me accept the realization that social media is, indeed, necessary, especially for one who wants to a write a successful blog; however, I can’t help but want to reject it all at the same time.

For instance, while I was rehabbing my home with my husband, my friend, who was truly interested in the progress, asked me to set up a Twitter account for the home in which we nicknamed, “The Mint Julep”. I had my friend explain to me what Twitter was and why it would be useful. I exclaimed, in my best Sweet Brown impression, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” Seriously, I’m rehabbing a house, I don’t have time for that. I then asked him why I couldn’t simply keep him in the loop by sending him a picture text after every accomplishment. Sounds reasonable, right? He called me archaic and rolled his eyes.


Next, let me first explain that I have never heard anyone say this out loud before. I did say it a few times in my head before I actually used it in the conversation I was having with my co-worker, but I legitimately thought the word “meme” was pronounced [mee-mee]. My co-worker, whom I share laughs with more often than not, LOL-ed in my face, and then corrected me. Psh, whatever, Brandon.

Snapchat, holy shit; I heard about Snapchat from my 22 year old friend whom I met in one of my accounting classes. I normally wouldn’t hang with a person that young, but she’s extremely mature for her age and fun as hell. Anyway, she introduced me to the app, and began explaining how she uses it. After going back and forth with her, which made me feel like I was 80, I’m still perplexed on why this app is popular. Why can’t you just send a picture text? Is it still called a “picture text” in the first place? Or do you just say I’m sending you a picture? Ugh, whatever, I can’t keep up.

Facebook drives me bonkers, half my friends and family are hidden, and I refuse to wish you a happy birthday if I have your phone number and can call/text you personally. Isn’t that better anyways? Getting a phone call from your sister rather than seeing a post with a Family Guy clip of Peter opening a birthday card from Cleveland? Ok, I suppose that’s debatable. Still, it’s the personal aspect of it, or lack there of, that has my head spinning.

Nowadays, everyone’s glued to their smartphone, and I’m apart of that crowd too, (I know, [raises hand] I’m a big old hypocrite) but I’m very aware of it and am trying really hard to not be that guy, especially in public or when I’m out with friends. I am one of those people who admit regularly that I wouldn’t know what to do if I didn’t have my smartphone. I mean, I would technically know what to do, I did it for years; but having one now has made my life and work life considerably more convenient. I won’t deny it.

Still, I’m sticking to my guns. Some aspects of social media and technology, I totally get and use. Others, I think are ruining the world one hipster at a time. Seriously, most of it is garbage and I’m starting to think all you young kids who use them are getting lazy and don’t want to actually talk to a person, in person, anymore. …And there’s that 80 year old in me again.


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